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  • Looking for a general dentist who will see your children?

    Try Kool Smiles!

    Kool Smiles was founded in 2002 and was built on the belief that every family has the right to quality dental care in a clean, safe and fun environment. Our first goal is to provide quality and compliant dental care to individuals in communities that typically get overlooked by general dentists. Our services are not just for kids, but since we know children are more likely to have great dental habits if mom and dad do too, we happily care for the entire family.

  • Does Kool Smiles have general dentists that accept Medicaid?

    Yes, all Kool Smiles general dentists accept Medicaid.

    While very few dentistry practices accept Medicaid as a payment option, Kool Smiles, in adherence with its mission to provide quality dental care to underserved children and their parents, proudly accepts Medicaid in every location. To find a participating Kool Smiles general dentist near you, please search for a dentist close to you, or call us today at 1-855-223-KOOL.

  • What is Medicaid and how can I find a general dentist who accepts Medicaid?

    Access to healthcare for millions of Americans

    Medicaid is a government program that provides access to healthcare for millions of Americans who would otherwise be uninsured. Medicaid also provides for dental coverage at varying levels for children and adults. Each state regulates its own Medicaid program in conjunction with the federal government. Unfortunately not many dentists take Medicaid as a payment option or restrict the number of patients they will see. This limits the choices an individual has to see an approved Medicaid dentist. Kool Smiles is unlike most dentists and welcomes all patients, including those with Medicaid coverage.

  • What makes Kool Smiles different from other general dentists who see kids?

    It is our mission to provide high quality dental care in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

    Our offices have been built with families in mind. Our offices feature spacious waiting rooms with a play area for children and most offices feature semi-private treatment areas for adults. We have a fun décor, staff who has been trained to help our young patients, and a desire to make sure all patients receive the dental care they deserve.

  • Does Medicaid cover my child's cost when I go to a participating general dentist?

    Typically Medicaid will cover any recipient under the age of 21.

    Details of what is covered for pediatric dental and adult oral health care varies from state to state. However, coverage typically includes dental pain relief, dental hygiene or teeth cleanings, addressing infections and tooth restorations. For a complete list of services covered in your state, just call us and we'll help you understand your Medicaid dental benefits.

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