Kool Smiles Clinical Quality

While the first thing you notice about Kool Smiles is our fun, playful atmosphere, you should also know that we take your family´s dental care very seriously.

At Kool Smiles our general dentists are fully licensed professionals approved by their state's Dental Board. But that's just the first step in becoming a Kool Smiles dentist. All our dentists receive in-office training by Kool Smiles' Senior Dentists and Regional Training Dentists. Training for Kool Smiles general dentists also includes quarterly continuing education classes and case review studies, so that they stay at the forefront of new treatments and procedures. Kool Smiles general dentists take their time with you and your child to ensure that all patients get safe, comprehensive treatment.

Our exceptional training program ensures that your Kool Smiles general dentist understands the American Dental Association (ADA) and American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) guidelines. But in addition to all the training we require of our general dentists, one of the most important things we look for is the ability to make you and your child smile—because we know that's an important skill, too.

At Kool Smiles we provide quality care in a clean, safe, sterilized environment. We maintain a rigorous compliance program supporting your family's dental care that uses award-winning electronic health records (PDF), digital radiography technology, and computer-based practice management systems. You can be confident that we have procedures in place for everything we do and that these procedures make sure we hold ourselves, and your family's care, to the highest standards set forth by both the government and top-notch professional organizations. At Kool Smiles, you not only get a fun environment, you're also getting quality dental care.

Clinical quality is our number one focus.

Our commitment to continually measuring and monitoring our clinical treatment with several levels of dental professionals is a distinguishing feature of Kool Smiles. See how we use several levels of oversight to make sure your treatment is done to professional standards. Watch the video »

Under Our Own Microscope

We provide quality care in a clean, safe, sterilized environment with a rigorous compliance program. You can rest assured you're getting quality treatment in a safe environment, watch here what goes into our compliance programs. Watch the video »

A General Dentist Isn't Just a General Dentist

All our general dentists are licensed by their state dental board, and receive training from senior dentists, continuing education case review studies so that they stay at the forefront of new treatments and procedures. Of course, we also want general dentists who will make you smile. Learn about Kool Smiles general dentists. Watch the video »

You can be confident in your treatment at Kool Smiles. Our award winning electronic health records allow several levels of dental professionals measure and monitor our clinical treatment to make sure we´re providing your family with dental care that meets or exceeds professional standards. Our Kool Smiles Executive Dental Officers and Regional Dental Directors conduct ongoing clinical chart reviews. Dental charts are routinely reviewed to ensure that treatment meets all quality and compliance standards. In addition, charts are reviewed routinely by well-respected dental professionals to make sure more than one trained opinion confirms that Kool Smiles is providing appropriate and necessary dentistry. And a recognized authority in pediatric dentistry, who is also a university professor, reviews our general dentists quarterly.

To sum it all up, the Kool Smiles general dentist your family sees is routinely reviewed following strict quality standards, and the treatment plan is reviewed by three levels of dental professionals. So you can relax! You´re in good hands at Kool Smiles, and we make sure of it every step of the way.

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