Is Dental Insurance Affordable for My Family?

Children need quality dental care to grow up into healthy adults. Parents searching for affordable dental insurance plans that cover their children should first check with their employers.

If dental insurance isn’t available through your work, you can find individual plans that range between $12–$50 per person, per month.

Whether your family has dental insurance or not, your kids are always welcome at Kool Smiles. At any one of our 120+ locations across the nation, you’ll find affordable dental care for your kids. Give us a call today to make an appointment for your children!

Affordable Alternatives to Dental Insurance

If finding affordable dental insurance for your family has been a challenge, try these different options:

1. Enroll in a discount plan.

Dental discount plans are similar to insurance except instead of providing coverage for dental procedures, they allow your children to get certain dental procedures at a discounted rate.

Instead of being billed for your child’s procedure at a later date, you’ll pay at the time of service, but the discount would be similar to what you would pay if you had insurance coverage.

2. Find out if your children qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. 

Medicaid typically covers all medically necessary dental procedures for children, including:

  • Pain and infection relief
  • Teeth restoration
  • General dental care and maintenance

Medicaid coverage and acceptance can vary between states so you will have to check to make sure your children are eligible. Kool Smiles accepts Medicaid at all 120+ offices around the country.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is offered in some states as an expansion of Medicaid and in other states as a separate insurance program. If you live in a state that offers a separate CHIP program and your child qualifies, he or she will be covered for medically necessary dental procedures.

3. Pay using cash or credit at an affordable dentist office near you. 

If insurance is an issue for your family, some dental offices will allow you to pay with cash or credit card. There is even a special health and wellness credit card called CareCredit which is specifically designed to break your expenses up into affordable monthly payments.

Come to Kool Smiles for Affordable Dental Care

Whether you have dental insurance or not, when it comes to finding affordable care for your family, Kool Smiles makes it easy. We accept most major insurance plans, Medicaid, TRICARE, CHIP, cash, and credit payments. We also accept CareCredit, and we can even help you apply for CareCredit when you visit our office.

Call us to make an appointment for your child today!




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