5 Factors Determining the Average Cost of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a very normal way for dentists to treat both common and unusual dental problems. Although the actual cost of dental surgery can be high, knowing the average cost of oral surgery can help you plan for how much you may need to pay for your child’s care.

Average Cost of Oral Surgery

A dentist may recommend that your child see an oral surgeon for a number of reasons, including an existing dental problem or one that could develop in the future if left untreated. Here are the average costs for some common oral surgery procedures:

What Affects the Cost of Oral Surgery?

Talk to a dentist or oral surgeon about the cost of your child’s care to determine the true cost. Because the price of surgery depends on many different factors, you can’t know for certain what you’ll have to pay without speaking with the provider.

Many factors that impact the final cost of oral surgery include:

  • Your child’s dentist or oral surgeon
  • The type of procedure that is needed
  • Which tooth needs treatment
  • Your geographical location
  • Your insurance coverage
  • Other procedures like x-rays and scans

Will Insurance Cover My Oral Surgery Cost?

In many cases, insurance coverage will help cover at least part of the cost of oral surgery. Many plans offer assistance for simple and surgical tooth removal and may offer coverage for implants or crowns as well.

To see what your dental insurance plan covers, speak with your insurance provider or your child’s dentist before the procedure.

Schedule an Oral Surgery at Kool Smiles Today

If you are looking for a caring dental surgeon to meet your child’s needs, the kid-friendly Kool Smiles dentists are always happy to speak with you and examine your child’s mouth. In addition, we will provide you the cost of any procedure before we perform it, so you will never be surprised by the cost of your child’s care.

If you think your child might need dental surgery, don’t wait—call us to make an appointment with your local Kool Smiles office today.



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