Understanding Root Canal Prices

Don’t let steep root canal prices prevent your child from getting the care he or she needs. Although the average cost of a root canal ranges from $300 to $2,000, there are several factors that can drive the price up or down.

Kool Smiles—a national network of dental offices that specializes in the treatment of children—can help you determine the cost of a root canal.

What is the Average Cost of a Root Canal?

An average cost of a root canal without insurance is $1,156 for a front tooth, and $1,184 for a back tooth. Those numbers can vary depending on several things, including: 

  • The age of the patient. The root canal procedure for a baby tooth is usually faster and easier than it is for a permanent tooth. Because of this, the average cost of a root canal for your child may be lower than it is for an adult.
  • Who is performing the root canal. An endodontist, or expert who saves teeth, has specialty training and experience specific to performing root canals and other oral surgeries and therefore may charge more than a general dentist.
  • Insurance. Insurance policies vary in what they cover. In some states, Medicaid will help cover some, or even all, of the root canal cost. The type of insurance you have and the state in which you live can have a large effect on the cost of a root canal.

As with many dental procedures, the price you pay can vary from one office to the next, depending on what each dentist charges. Checking a few different offices in your area can help you find the best option.

Kool Smiles Offers Affordable Treatment Options

Whether your child needs general dental care or a more serious treatment, like a root canal, you can be confident you’ll get an affordable price at Kool Smiles

Founded in 2002, Kool Smiles now has 130 dental practices across 16 states. In addition to accepting most major insurance providers, we are proud to welcome Medicaid, TRICARE, and SCHIP patients, never limiting the number of patients we will see in one day.

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