Baby Teeth from Front to Back | A Timeline

When babies cry more often around 6 months of age, it could be an indication that their first teeth are starting to grow under their gum line. Did you know that all of their teeth erupt and shed at different rates?

While the timing is different for each child, your baby’s front teeth are the first to erupt between 6 to 12 months.

Timeline of Tooth Eruption

You baby’s front teeth are the first to grow. According to Orajel, the front bottom teeth, or central incisors typically erupt between six to 10 months, with the front upper teeth coming in between eight to 12 months.

Listed below is a Baby Teeth Eruption Chart:

If you think your baby is having problems with teeth development, the general and pediatric dentists at Kool Smiles can help.

Your child will eventually develop a total of 20 primary teeth before they are three years old. After these teeth shed, their secondary, or permanent teeth, will grow in.

It’s important to develop healthy habits and prevent decay before your child’s first teeth even develop.

Protection and Prevention Tips

Protecting your baby’s teeth from cavities and gum disease can be easy with a little care and a watchful eye. As soon as their first front tooth emerges, you can begin taking care of their teeth.

Even before their teeth emerge, try brushing your baby’s gums with a damp cloth or your finger to wipe away bacteria.

Other healthy habits include:

  • Flossing daily
  • Seeing a dentist regularly starting at age 1
  • Taking bottles or cups out of your baby’s crib at night

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