Baby Tooth Knocked Out Of Position

Toddlers take their share of falls when learning how to walk, and sometimes those falls can knock one of their baby teeth out of position. This is known as luxation.

When luxation occurs, the roots and surrounding structures are often damaged and need immediate dental attention.

Luxation Treatment Options

There are generally three options to treat luxation:

  1. Moving the tooth back into place, if possible
  2. Pulling the tooth
  3. Leaving the tooth until it falls out naturally. With this option, the tooth and surrounding area should be closely monitored for any signs of infections or other problems.

Similar Dental Conditions

Avulsion is when a baby tooth has been completely knocked out of the mouth. It is not recommended that baby teeth be put back in, but there are some important steps for parents to take should their child have a baby tooth knocked out.

Intrusion is when a tooth is pushed back up into the gums. When this happens to a baby tooth, it can sometimes be left alone and it will come back through the gums again later. But depending on the position of the tooth, it may need to be removed from the gums.

All baby teeth eventually become loose naturally, but when a tooth is knocked loose as a result of an accident, it is known as subluxation. This usually occurs as a result of the root becoming bruised and softened and unable to fully support the tooth. Depending on how loose the tooth is, it may be best to have it removed.

Baby Tooth Treatment at Kool Smiles

If your child’s baby tooth has been knocked out of position, visit your local Kool Smiles as soon as possible. We are a kid-friendly dentist office with a team of dental professionals that are trained and experienced in treating baby teeth.

A healthy smile as a kid leads to a healthy smile as an adult, so don’t let damage to your child’s baby teeth get in the way of a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Make an appointment at Kool Smiles today.



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