Braces Cost for Teenagers

Wondering about what braces cost for teenagers? How much you pay depends on what kind of braces your child gets and whether you have insurance. Many orthodontists accept state insurance plans, Medicaid and TriCare, but coverage will be different with each plan. The professionals at Kool Smiles can help you understand how to find braces for your teen without breaking the bank.

Why Is Orthodontic Care For Children And Teens Important?

There’s more to orthodontics, or straightening teeth, than how your teenager’s teeth look. Teeth that are crooked or crowded are harder to keep clean, which can cause cavities and gum disease. Teeth that don’t line up right can affect how your teen speaks and chews and can lead to jaw pain. It is important to fix these problems when they are young, while the teeth and jaw are still developing.

Kool Smiles offers quality and affordable orthodontic care to help your teenager have a healthy smile, teeth and jaw.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

There are several different kinds of braces that can be used to straighten your child’s teeth. The metal braces you may remember from when you were a kid are still popular and are usually the most affordable choice. Other options include ceramic braces, which work like metal braces but are less noticeable, and invisible aligners (such as Invisalign®) that work like a mouth guard to straighten teeth without wires and brackets.

The kind of braces your teenager gets will affect how long they have them on and how many office visits you will have to make. These factors affect cost of braces for teenagers. Traditional metal braces cost between $3,000 and $7,000, with the other kinds usually costing more. 

How Can I Afford Braces Cost For Teenagers?

Many insurance plans will help pay for your teenager’s braces. Call your insurance company to see how much they pay. Some plans cover 50% of the cost, up to a certain amount (called a “lifetime maximum”). If you have Medicaid, SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) or Tricare, braces that are medically necessary may be covered. Whatever your insurance, Kool Smiles will work out a payment plan to help families find affordable braces.

Kool Smiles accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid, and offers easy payment plans to make your teenager’s braces affordable. Find a Kool Smiles location near you or call us at 1-855-854-3621.



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