Ideas for Choosing Colored Braces

How can parents help their children embrace their new braces? One way is to encourage them to have some fun and choose colored braces that fit their personal style. These ideas will help you and your child choose a set of braces that not only get the job done, but look great too.

Ideas for Fashionable Braces

With so many braces choices, there are a few tips and tricks that your child should consider when choosing the best colors for his or her braces: 

Consider Hair and Skin Tone

Find colors that flatter your child’s unique look. For example:

  • If your child’s skin tone and hair color are fair, he or she may consider darker colors like navy blue, deep green, or red. 
  • If your child’s skin tone and hair color are medium, he or she may want to try light colors like blue, yellow, or lavender.
  • If your child’s skin tone and hair color are dark, using bright colors like orange and neon green, or pastel colors like pink and baby blue.

However, these are just suggestions—you should empower your child to choose colors that he or she likes.

Avoid Problematic Colors

Certain colors may end up working against your child. For example, white and clear may seem like clean, classic options, but they can intensify the yellow in your child’s teeth and become discolored by coffee, soda, and tea.

Choose Symbolic Colors

Your child can use his or her braces to make a statement about something they are passionate about. Some ideas include:

  • National colors
  • School colors
  • Holiday colors
  • Favorite sports team’s colors

Look at a Color Wheel

Most orthodontists have a color wheel that shows available braces colors. There are also online braces color wheels, which provide a preview of how specific braces colors will look on teeth. Be sure to verify these color options with your child’s orthodontist before making a decision.

It is important for your child to remember that he or she is not stuck with one color forever. In fact, your child’s braces colors can be changed every time he or she visits the orthodontist to get his or her braces tightened. 

Why Are Good Oral Habits Important?

The color of your child’s braces will mean nothing if they are not kept clean. Your child should take care of his or her teeth by practicing good oral habits:

  • Brush teeth after every meal, even at school
  • Floss teeth once a day
  • Use mouth wash at least once a day

Eating the right foods is also important when your child has braces. Hard, sticky foods should be avoided because of the possibility of damaging the braces.

Here are some foods that should be avoided in addition to foods that are allowed with braces:

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