Causes of Brown Stains on Teeth

If your children have brown stains on their teeth, it could affect their smiles, self confidence, and overall health. There are many factors that can cause teeth staining, so be aware of what they are and how you can prevent them.

What Causes Brown Stains On Teeth?

There are internal and external reasons for tooth staining. Either way, finding out the cause and treating it is important.

Here are some of the most common reasons your child’s teeth change colors:

  • Dental caries—This is the main reason children’s teeth change color. Caries are usually caused by poor nutrition, improper bottle feeding habits, and breast feeding habits.
  • Genetic defects—Your child’s teeth may be lighter or darker than other people’s just because of genetic make-up.
  • Changes in the tooth’s enamel/dental trauma—This type of discoloration occurs when a tooth has undergone some degree of change. Dental trauma is one of the main reasons why teeth change colors.
  • Excessive fluoride intake—While fluoride is a great cavity fighter, giving your child too much of it can cause brown discoloration and result in your child developing a type of staining known as fluorosis.
  • Tooth decay—Tooth decay is a result of poor dental care and habits. It not only impacts the color of the baby teeth, but can also damage the adult teeth underneath the gums.
  • Iron and chromogenic bacteria—This factor isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Basically, this is staining caused by certain foods, drinks, and medications.

How to Correct Brown Stains on Teeth

If the color of your child’s teeth changes, or you notice brown or black stains, take your child to a dentist. A dentist will be able to tell you why the teeth have changed color and what you can do to correct it.

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