Brushing Teeth Activities for Kids

Think brushing teeth can’t be fun? Think again! Fun, interactive, and educational activities can get your kids interested in brushing and learning the right way to take care of their teeth.

Brushing can be fun with games, coloring sheets, songs, and videos that encourage good healthy hygiene. Check out these great activities on the Kool Smiles website.

Learning About Brushing by Playing

A little bit of fun can go a long way when it comes to brushing teeth. There are lots of fun and entertaining activities that can teach kids how to brush the right way. If kids have a positive experience learning to brush, they will remember the lesson and be more likely to brush regularly.

Fun Brushing Activities from the Experts

  • From the kid experts at Sesame Street—Your kids can be a contestant on the Brushing Game Show where they learn proper brushing techniques and are rewarded for a job well done. Dance and sing the “Brushy Brush” song with Elmo. There are lots of ways to learn about brushing and teeth at Sesame Street.
  • From the Child Care Lounge—Create models of molars from the bottoms of soda bottles and practice brushing the “teeth.” You can also learn how different types of drinks affect teeth. From singing to flossing, kids will find lots to do at Child Care Lounge.
  • From the teeth brushing experts at Colgate—Find online games for kids aged two through nine that teach about dental hygiene.
  • From the dental professionals at Kool Smiles—Find lots of great activity sheets sure to keep your kids busy learning about proper brushing and flossing. Subjects range from healthy snacks to Bingo, and your kids can print and color pages that make learning fun.

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