Brushing Teeth Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Making sure children are taught the importance of maintaining dental health is crucial. Giving kindergarteners the right tools and information about brushing their teeth can help them fight off the “bad guys” in their mouths and ensure the success of their oral care.

Keep reading for brushing teeth lesson plans for Kindergarten students.

Learn to Brush Teeth With a Smile

When focusing specifically on teeth brushing lesson plans for kindergarteners, focus on teaching the following topics:

  • The health benefits of keeping your mouth clean by brushing and flossing
  • The benefits of toothpaste
  • How long you should brush for
  • Plaque and its negative effects

How Should Children Properly Brush Their Teeth?

Incorporating educational lessons by using activities, games, crafts, and rhymes into your lessons plans on brushing teeth can help children learn lasting oral care habits, build fine motor skills, and keep children attentive and having fun.

Here are a few ways to teach children how to properly brush their teeth:

  • Combine teeth brushing lessons and literacy—Make a word wall with basic dental health tools
  • Combine teeth brushing lessons and math—Make a booklet of animals showing their teeth and have kids count each animal tooth. Push for a focus on brushing teeth by asking them how the animals could keep all their teeth
  • Combine teeth brushing and art—Have kids create a craft stick toothbrush and practice using them on pictures of teeth

Kool Smiles Resources for Educators

Kool Smiles has a variety of dental experts who focus on preventative education and accessible dental care. Our dental offices will give you the tools you need to take into your classroom or home.

We offer a number of resources to educators:

  1. Free dental hygiene lesson plans
  2. Kool Smiles downloadable app. filled with fun resources on the go
  3. Activity sheets, word puzzles, and other materials to make dental health care fun and interactive

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Visit our website to download lesson plans for kids in grades K–5. Give us a call to find out how Kool Smiles can help deliver effective oral health education to your school.




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