Can My Child Go to the Dentist Without Insurance?

The health of your children’s teeth is very important, so you should take your kids to the dentist even if you don’t have insurance.

Taking your child to the dentist may seem expensive, but at Kool Smiles, you can get affordable dental care for your kids, regardless of insurance.

Kool Smiles Accepts Medicaid and TRICARE

Our network accepts Medicaid and TRICARE, along with many other insurance plans, which can make the dental treatment your kids need affordable for you.

We know that not every family has insurance, but we believe every child deserves great dental care, and we strive to provide it.

Our Services Are Cost-friendly and Kid-friendly

At Kool Smiles, we know cost-friendly isn’t all you’re looking for. That’s why we make sure all our dentists and offices are kid-friendly, as well. At Kool Smiles, you’ll find:

  • Large, colorful waiting rooms with toys and games
  • Playgrounds at most of our offices so kids can play while they wait
  • Fun, educational programs to keep your child learning about taking care of their teeth
  • Dentists who are experienced in working with kids

Children should start seeing the dentist when their first tooth appears, and every six months after that.

We Ensure Patient and Parent Satisfaction

We know our broad network of dental offices has the opportunity to provide your family great dental care. Given that 97% of our patients are likely to return to us for more care and refer us to family and friends, we’re confident you and your kids will also enjoy your time at Kool Smiles.

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