Causes of Bleeding Gums in Children

When your child comes to you with bleeding gums, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Bleeding gums can be caused by serious issues, such as gum disease, unhealthy diets, and poor oral hygiene.

Read on to learn about what causes bleeding gums in children and how to prevent them.

Causes of Bleeding Gums in Children

many causes for bleeding gums in children

There are a variety of reasons why your child has bleeding gums, including:

Unhealthy Diet

A diet filled with sweet and starchy foods can cause plaque to build on your child’s teeth. Plaque can cause inflamed gums that bleed during brushing or flossing.

Helping your kids eat a healthy, balanced diet can help stop bleeding gums and prevent gum disease.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is important for children to keep healthy teeth and gums. In general, brushing and flossing regularly is enough to stop bleeding gums.

However, if your child’s gums do not get better after 10 days of good brushing habits, a trip to the dentist may be needed.


If your child is taking blood thinning medications, he or she might experience bleeding gums. These medications decrease the blood’s ability to clot, leading to easier bleeding.

brushing your teeth helps bleeding gums

New Toothbrush

Switching to a firm toothbrush may be the reason why your child has bleeding gums. Try using a soft or medium-bristled brush and consult with your child’s dentist about which toothbrush is best.

Dry Gums

When children breathe through their mouths instead of their noses, it can cause their gums to become dry and bleed.

Allergies, swollen tonsils, and other issues can cause mouth breathing, which typically affects only the upper gums. 

Gum Disease

Chronic gingivitis and periodontitis are two common types of gum disease in children that can cause bleeding.

You can help prevent gum disease in your children by teaching them to brush and floss regularly and scheduling regular dental checkups.

prevent gum disease by brushing regularly

When to See a Dentist

Many treatments for bleeding gums cannot be done at home. If your child has bleeding gums, make an appointment at your local Kool Smiles office today.

Our dentists are experienced at treating children, and can recommend the right treatment options, like a routine dental cleaning, for your child.

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