80 Million Americans Need Cheap Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

Dental insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many cheap dental insurance programs out there with no waiting period that can help lower the cost of your child’s dental visits.

Protect your child’s dental health by finding a Kool Smiles location near you and scheduling an appointment with one of our qualified, affordable dentists.

Do You Qualify for Affordable Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period?

There are many different types of dental insurance out there, and many insurance providers are able to provide cheap dental insurance with a short waiting period or even no waiting period at all. The question is, does your child qualify for cheap dental insurance? 

Did you know that 85 million Americans lack dental coverage? Most people without dental insurance coverage say the cost of insurance is the main reason why they go without it. 

Depending on your income, you or your child may qualify for cheap dental insurance plans to help cover the costs of dental care. While many insurance companies offer discounts on their coverage plans, there are many other options for those who need low-cost dental insurance plans. 

Besides dental insurance companies, your child may qualify for Medicaid, or even TRICARE for military families. Both of these options are affordable and help to reduce the cost of dental care.

What Do Dental Insurance Plans Cover?

All insurance plans are different, so you should look around to find a plan that fits your child’s dental needs. Most insurance plans cover a wide range of preventative maintenance as well as other common procedures.

Some of these covered items may include:

  • Annual cleanings
  • Dental exams
  • X-rays
  • Sealants
  • Fillings
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics

Which Dentists Near Me Take Discounted Dental Plans?

Check with your dental insurance provider to find a complete list of dentists in your network that take discounted dental plans.

Kool Smiles accepts most dental insurance plans as well as Medicaid, TRICARE, and State Children’s Health Insurance Plans (SCHIP). Get in touch with your local Kool Smiles office today to see how this network of kid-friendly dental offices can help ensure that your child’s dental care is affordable for you.



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