Find General and Pediatric Dentists for Your Child

Finding a dentist for your child is important. Whether you want your dental care provider to be a general or pediatric dentist, Kool Smiles can pair you with the right dental health provider for your child.

Dental care remains the biggest unmet healthcare need in the United States today, but at Kool Smiles, we firmly believe that no child deserves to go without quality care.

Kool Smiles Offers Pediatric and General Kid-Friendly Dentists

At select Kool Smiles locations, you can find pediatric dentists who specialize in taking care of children.

These dentists have studied beyond the four years of required dental school to be able to focus their dental health care practices primarily on:

  • Infants/Children
  • Adolescents
  • Young people with special needs

Services Offered by Pediatric Dentists

Children’s dentists work to create an age-appropriate dental health care experience for kids of various ages.

Some of the dental health programs and treatments a pediatric dentist can offer are:

  • Preventative dental care information
  • Oral health exams
  • Repair of cavities or other tooth issues
  • Explanation and advice for dental problems that are sometimes found in diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and various disorders
  • Dental injury care
  • Ways to deal with gum diseases
  • Help for infants and children with certain habits—for example, thumb, finger, and pacifier sucking that can cause dental issues
  • Specific dental care for young people with special needs

The Importance of Children’s Dental Care Options at Kool Smiles

Kool Smiles understands that every kid is different, and that finding a dental care provider that works with your child’s individual needs and personality can make all the difference in the future.

That’s why we offer top-notch, fully licensed general dentistry professionals, as well as in-house pediatric dentists at select offices.

Why Should I Choose Kool Smiles?

Kool Smiles knows that parents are busy. That’s why we strive to make your child’s oral health care convenient and affordable by offering:

  • A full range of dental care providers and services for your entire family at one location
  • Acceptance of most insurance types, including Medicaid, state-sponsored programs, and TRICARE
  • Cash, Credit, and CareCredit payment options
  • Flexible hours and weekend appointments

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child Today

If you’re looking for a children’s pediatric dentist near you, call Kool Smiles to set up an appointment for your child today.



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