The Cost of Dental Bridges

When one of your child’s permanent teeth falls out, problems can occur if the space isn’t filled.

A dental bridge can replace the missing tooth. A bridge is made up of a false tooth and crowns on both sides of that tooth that will keep the bridge in place. The cost of a dental bridge is usually between $700–$1,500.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can last from 10–15 years, and can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 per tooth based on the following factors:

  • Whether additional procedures are needed—If your child needs root canals or fillings on top of the crown and false implant, it can raise the cost of the procedure.
  • Location—Bridge prices vary between states, cities, and even whether the procedure is done in a smaller rural town or a big city. 
  • Insurance—Whether or not your children are covered by an insurance plan can affect what you pay out of pocket.
  • The type of bridge—The type of materials used in the bridge can affect the cost.

Why Kool Smiles?

Kool Smiles, founded in 2002, is a general dentist practice that focuses on helping kids improve their smiles and oral health. If your child needs a dental bridge, we can help.

We have over 120 convenient locations across the country. Our waiting rooms are filled with toys and games, and most of our locations even have playgrounds for kids to play on before their appointments.

Affordable Payment Options at Kool Smiles

We accept a wide variety of payment options and insurance coverage because we believe that kids across the U.S. should have access to quality dental healthcare. We accept Medicaid, TRICARE, SCHIP and cash or credit at all of our locations.

Get Dental Bridges at Kool Smiles

Make the right choice for your child’s dental health and choose Kool Smiles for everything from routine check-ups to more advanced procedures like dental bridges. Call us today or find a location near you to set up an appointment.



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