Low-Cost Dental Work for Kids

Taking care of your children’s teeth is important. In fact tooth decay is the number one medical problem facing most kids.

How much dental work costs depends on the type of dental work that is needed. Some treatments are more expensive than others, but when it comes to your child’s health, the cost for dental work shouldn’t hold you back. There are low-cost dentists who can help.

Cost Ranges for Common Dental Procedures

The cost of many common dental treatments will vary, especially if you have insurance:

  • Teeth cleaning: $70–$200
  • X-rays: $20–$250
  • Cavity filling: $50–$450 (depending on the type of filling)
  • Dental crowns: $500–$3,000 (depending on the type of crown)
  • Root canal: $300–$2,000 (depending on the length and extent of procedure)
  • Tooth removal: $75–$650 (depending on if surgery is required)
  • Wisdom tooth removal: $75–$600 (depending on whether the tooth is covered by gum or bone)
  • Teeth whitening: $50–$1,000

Why Is Children’s Dental Work Worth the Cost?

It may seem okay not to treat a child’s teeth with as much care as an adult’s—after all, “baby teeth” fall out anyway. However, medical professionals say children should visit the dentist when they get their first tooth or turn one year old. And they should continue to get regular checkups twice a year.

Tooth decay, even at a young age, can lead to mouth pain, infection, and tooth loss if left untreated.

Children who visit the dentist early in life get used to screenings and cleanings. Early visits also prevent costly dental problems later, making the cost for dental work worth it.

Kool Smiles Lowers the Cost for Dental Work

Kool Smiles is a nationwide dentistry focused on children’s care. Most importantly, Kool Smiles is affordable.

We are proud to accept Medicaid, SCHIP, TRICARE, and most forms of private insurance. For those who would rather pay cash or make payments, we accept cash and major credit cards and we’ll be happy to help you sign up for CareCredit.

We want our young patients to enjoy their visits to Kool Smiles, so we have kid-friendly waiting areas and dentists with experience treating children. Watch your children grow to love the dentist without worrying about the cost for dental work at Kool Smiles.

To find an office near you or to set up your child’s first appointment, call us or visit Kool Smiles online today.



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