What Is the Cost of Clear Braces?

Invisible braces are an option for many children in need of orthodontic care. Though traditional metal braces usually cost less than clear or invisible braces, your child may feel more confident and less self-conscious wearing clear braces. That’s because they’re less noticeable to other people.

Know the Price of Clear Braces

No matter which type of braces your child wants, all braces serve the purpose of correcting your child’s misaligned jaw and/or teeth. However, the type of braces your child wants can determine how much you’ll be paying for them and what care they’ll require.

On average, clear or tooth-colored, ceramic brackets cost between $2,000–$8,500. Of course, the price can also depend on insurance coverage.

  • People without dental insurance have reported paying an average of $4,572 out of pocket.
  • People with dental coverage have reported paying an average of $2,570 out of pocket.

In addition to the cost, it’s important to note the amount of care and maintenance clear braces require. The perk of clear braces is that they aren’t noticeable, but if they aren’t cared for correctly, staining can occur

Have Your Braces Questions Answered at Kool Smiles

Bring your child in for a no-cost braces consultation at one of our many Kool Smiles locations. Our dentists can help answer your questions and give you an estimate of how much your child’s braces treatment can cost.

All of our dental procedures are kept at affordable rates, and we accept a number of affordable payment options including Medicaid, TRICARE, and other options to make sure that all children have access to quality healthcare.

If you’re concerned about the cost of clear braces or want to set up your child’s no-cost orthodontic consultation, contact Kool Smiles today.



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