Average Cost Of Dental Exam And Cleaning

When it comes to the dental health of your child, you might be wondering about the cost of a dental exam and cleaning. There are some dentists, like Kool Smiles, committed to providing more affordable dental care for all children.

To determine the cost of a dental exam, cleaning, or other services call your local Kool Smiles today.

Cost of a Dental Exam and Cleaning

The average cost of dental cleanings and exams can range from:

  • An average of $127 for a standard cleaning, depending on location
  • An average of $198 for an exam that includes a cleaning and x-rays

However, prices may vary based on the dentist you go to and how much your insurance covers.

Affordable Dental Exams And Teeth Cleaning for All Children

Kool Smiles is dedicated to providing dental care to children who need it. We want to make dental care as convenient and affordable as possible. Here a few ways we do it:

  • We place our offices all across the United States, bringing care to children who need it.
  • We are proud to accept Medicaid at every one of our offices. We also take TRICARE and a number of other insurance plans. Additionally, we offer cash and credit options, including CareCredit.
  • Everything about our dental practice is designed to help children take care of their teeth and have fun doing it.
  • Our offices are open on Saturdays and for extended hours during the week.

Not only do we make your child’s dental care affordable, we make it fun. Kool Smiles offices are built for children with our brightly colored offices and waiting rooms that are filled with toys and games to help children relax and have fun.

Schedule a Dental Exam Today

The cost of a dental exam and cleaning is minimal when compared to our children’s health. Plug your zip code into our website and find a Kool Smiles location near you or call us today to schedule an appointment.



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