What Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

The wisdom teeth are the last row of molars to form in a child’s mouth. Wisdom teeth typically grow in during a child’s teenage years and often need to be removed because they can cause overcrowding to other teeth, pain, and infection.

When your child needs to have a wisdom teeth removal procedure, the cost of the procedure can be affected by the condition of the wisdom teeth. 

How Much Will it Cost to Remove the Wisdom Teeth?

Removing a wisdom tooth using a local anesthetic (numbing medication) typically costs between $75 to $200. For the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth, the cost goes up to $225 to $600 per tooth, plus the cost of an anesthetic.

Conditions of Wisdom Teeth

If your child’s wisdom teeth come in normally, they are just like any other tooth. They can be pulled easily if they need to come out.

If the wisdom teeth don’t come through the gums or come in sideways, they are what’s known as impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are much harder to remove, making the procedure more difficult and time consuming, raising the cost.

Paying for Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Your dental plan may help cover the cost of wisdom teeth removal for your child. Talk with your insurance company about your deductible and any yearly limits on services.

Medicaid dental benefits may cover the cost of your child’s wisdom teeth removal. However, Medicaid coverage varies from state to state, and it can also depend on the age of the child. Check with Medicaid or your local Kool Smiles dental office to see if Medicaid will cover your child’s wisdom teeth removal.

Schedule an Appointment at Kool Smiles for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Kool Smiles dentists routinely perform wisdom teeth removals and can answer any questions about your child’s procedure or costs. We’re always accepting new patients, and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for your child today.



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