Dental Crowns Help Restore Smiles

Did you know that even baby teeth can get cavities? Even though they will fall out, baby teeth should be kept healthy until they are replaced by permanent teeth.

If a baby tooth has decayed a lot, a dental crown may be needed to keep that tooth in place. A dentist can examine your child’s teeth and determine if a crown is needed.

What Is a Crown?

A dental crown is a cap placed over a severely decayed tooth in order to protect it from further damage. In children, it is important to preserve baby teeth until they fall out naturally. Baby teeth are necessary for:

  • Chewing food
  • Proper speaking and speech development
  • Holding spaces for permanent teeth
  • Guiding permanent teeth

If your child is experiencing pain from tooth decay, you will need to find a dentist who can place a crown before further damage occurs.

Why Kool Smiles?

If your kid is uncomfortable because of tooth decay, he or she needs to see a dentist. At Kool Smiles we have the experience to make kids feel at ease while we treat their teeth.

When you and your child arrive at Kool Smiles, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. In all of our locations, we have large waiting areas with games, toys, and activities to keep your children relaxed and entertained.

At some of our offices, we even have playgrounds for younger children to climb on and slide down before their treatment.

During your child’s dental treatment, the dentist will explain to your child exactly what is going on. We want our patients to understand what is happening to them, so we follow a “tell, show, do” approach.

Call Kool Smiles Today

If your child has damaged teeth and needs a crown, or just a routine cleaning, we want to help. Make an appointment with a Kool Smiles dentist today by calling an office near you.