Free, Fun Dental Health Month Activities for Kindergarteners

February is dental health month. That makes it a great time to get kids thinking about their teeth and how to take care of them.

Kool Smiles offers free, downloadable Dental Health Month activities that will keep kindergarteners and young children busy learning about proper dental hygiene.

Visit the Kool Smiles blog and download our free Dental Health Month Activity Booklet.

Kool Smiles Promotes Dental Health Month

Kool Smiles aims to give your kids the best start possible on their dental health. That means our goal is to provide enjoyable check-ups at the dentist office and give your kids the tools they need to take care of their teeth.

We’ve designed our offices to be fun and relaxing for young patients and trained our dental professionals to help your kids relax during their exams and treatment.

We want to keep that good feeling going even after our patients leave the dentist office. Dental Health Month is a great time to give your kindergarteners our free activity sheets.

These sheets combine fun and education and will keep your kids busy coloring, thinking, and learning about their teeth and how to take care of them.

Additional Resources for Kids

The fun doesn’t end when Dental Health Month is over! Kids can enjoy over 70 additional worksheets available for free. Here are a few of the things your kids can explore:

  • Learn why prehistoric kids almost never got cavities.
  • Find out how to become a dentist.
  • Try making yummy and colorful lunch box meals.
  • Consider what the Tooth Fairy does on her day off.

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At Kool Smiles we know that making dental health fun will help your kids learn. Download your free Dental Health Month Activity Booklet and additional activities on the Kool Smiles blog, and get ready to watch your kindergarten kids smile.

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