Fun Activities for Children’s Dental Health Month

Every February we celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month. It is a great time to focus on the importance of preventing tooth decay and having healthy teeth.

Did you know that tooth decay is the number one childhood illness? If not properly treated, tooth decay can lead to life-long health issues. Taking part in dental health month activities for children can make taking care of teeth more fun.

Dental Health Month Activities for the Whole Year

There’s no need to wait for February to roll around to teach about dental health. Your kids can enjoy fun activities throughout the whole year.

Color a Picture

The American Dental Association has several Children’s Dental Health Month activities posted online. This year the theme is keeping healthy teeth through “Sugar Wars.”

Download everything from coloring sheets to puzzle books on this fun site. Kool Smiles also has free puzzle books and coloring sheets online.

Play a Game

Another free Children’s Dental Health Month activity is to play an online game.

Colgate has dozens of fun, interactive games on their website. Each is designed to help kids of all ages have fun and learn more about taking care of their teeth.

Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

This activity idea makes losing baby teeth fun. A pillow can hold your children’s teeth and the prize left behind by the Tooth Fairy. It’s a simple craft to make with your child.

Visit Kool Smiles Today

Teach your children that dental care is fun and schedule a dental appointment with Kool Smiles.

Our dental offices are designed with children in mind. They have brightly-colored, oversized waiting rooms for children, usually with playground areas. Plus, our dentists use a “tell, show, do” approach so that kids always know what’s happening during their treatment.

We have more than 120 offices across the United States, and we’re always accepting new patients. We’re passionate about your child’s dental health, and we’ll be sure to share activities with them that will help them learn.

Scheduling a dental visit for your child is the ultimate Children’s Dental Health Month activity. Give us a call today or find the location nearest you to schedule your child’s appointment.



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