Top Five Dental Hygiene Videos for Kids

To teach kids about dental hygiene, consider showing them videos that are educational, age appropriate, and fun. At Kool Smiles we make sure that kids enjoy visiting our offices, so they want to learn how to take care of their teeth and mouths.

To help parents teach their kids to brush, we’ve compiled this list of fun videos.

Healthy Smile Videos

Our dental practice is all about kids and helping parents take care of their children’s teeth and gums. So we offer you some of our favorite YouTube videos to help your kids have healthy smiles.

5. Twin Boys Learning to Brush

What we love about this video is that the Mom is teaching the kids what to do, before they have toothpaste on their brush. The more they practice, the better they’ll brush.

Watch the twins here.

4. Tooth Defenders

If your kids are into superheroes, this video will inspire them to defend “Tooth Town.”  It’s funny and informative and will have kids asking for a cape to wear while brushing.

Watch tooth defenders here.

3. Even Whales Want Healthy Smiles

This is a different take on dental hygiene, but kids will be fascinated to watch and sing along as a whale gets his teeth brushed.

Watch a whale brushing here.

2. Brusha Yo Teeth

“David the Chicken” makes live appearances to help kids learn how to brush. This energetic video will have your kids begging to brush their teeth. Plus, they’ll know not to brush their nose!

Watch David and friends brush here.

1. Brush Your Teeth With Elmo

This has to be our all-time favorite dental hygiene video. Who better than Elmo to get your kids interested in brushing?

Watch Elmo brush here.

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