Study Up: Dental Hygiene Lesson Plans for Kids

Dental hygiene lesson plans from Kool Smiles are a great way to teach your children about maintaining a great smile. Read more to learn about different dental hygiene tips and how you can teach your children to maintain a healthy smile.

Kool Smiles Offers Dental Hygiene Lesson Plans

At Kool Smiles, we offer lesson plans designed for kids from Kindergarten through fifth grade that will teach your children about the importance of routine dental checkups. The plans also teach your child how to properly brush and floss his or her teeth.

Each lesson plan is geared toward a different age so kids can continue to learn healthy habits as they grow. Download a lesson plan for any age group or check out a sample PDF.

Dental Hygiene Lesson Plan Examples

Our dental hygiene lesson plans are perfect for teachers and include some fun demonstrations.

One demonstration shows you how to use a plastic bottle and some paint to explain to kids how sugary foods affect their teeth and how brushing every day protects their teeth.

Another example includes using a foam board, felt, and some egg cartons to show your kids the correct way to floss. With our lesson plan, your children will learn healthy dental habits while having fun.

Dental Hygiene with Kool Smiles

Just like other subjects in school, teaching children healthy dental habits at a young age sets them up for life. That’s why we provide teachers and parents with the resources they need to educate kids on keeping a healthy smile.

  • In addition to our dental hygiene lesson plans, you can download the Kool Smiles app complete with coloring sheets, a fun brushing timer, and tips for brushing and flossing.
  • Visit the Kool Smiles blog, where you can find word puzzles and different ways to make brushing more fun.
  • Find more fun games that teach healthy habits at PBS Kids.

Learn More About Dental Hygiene with Kool Smiles

Teach your children and students about good dental hygiene. Visit one of our locations, or give us a call to schedule an appointment.



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