What are the Side Effects of Dental Novocaine?

When your child goes in for a procedure, the dentist may use a common local anesthetic called Novocaine. This numbing agent helps to reduce dental pain while the dentist fixes any problems your child may have.

While side effects of Novocaine are rarely experienced, there are some that you may have not heard about that can affect your child’s health.

Does Dental Novocaine Have Any Side Effects?

Dental Novocaine is very commonly used by the majority of dentists. Like any medication, Novocaine can have a few side effects. The most common dental Novocaine side effects are:

  • Numbness around the injection site that can last for several hours
  • A tingling sensation around the injection site
  • Minor swelling around or near the injection site

If your child is worried about any of these side effects, a dentist can explain what might happen and put your child’s worries to rest. 

Why Is Dental Novocaine Necessary?

Dental Novocaine has been used for many years as a common local anesthetic to numb the tooth before dental procedures like dental surgeries, root canal therapies, common fillings, and many other treatments.

For most patients, Novocaine will numb the tooth and allow the dentist to take care of the problem while easing the discomfort that might be felt during the treatment.

How Long Will Tooth Numbness Last with Dental Novocaine?

When your child experiences numbness after getting a shot of Novocaine, that is just the medicine doing its job.

Novocaine will generally keep your child’s mouth numb for a few hours after the procedure, but the numbness will eventually go away.

While your child’s mouth is numb, it’s important that he or she doesn’t bite down on the area that is numbed.

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