3 Steps to a Dental Core Procedure

If your child’s tooth is too damaged to support a crown, don’t worry. A dental core and post procedure adds support to a decayed tooth after a root canal. Your child’s dentist can provide tips on how to strengthen their teeth and will make their smile stronger and healthier than ever.

What Happens in a Dental Post Procedure?

There are three main parts to a dental post procedure:

Part One: Root Canal

Removing the dead tissue underneath a damaged tooth is the first part of the process. Your dentist will perform a root canal which will repair and save a badly damaged tooth. This will leave your child’s gums clean and healthy.

Part Two: Post and Core

When your child’s dentist performs the post and core procedure, he or she will fill the hole left by the root canal. Dentists will use either a dental amalgam or a composite tooth-bonding material—the same materials used to fill cavities.

Teeth that are badly damaged may need a post added in the dental core procedure to add extra support. A post is a metal or a carbon-fiber rod that strengthens a core. Your child’s dentist will drill a hole to hold the post in place. 

Part Three: Crowning

Once the hole has been filled, the post and core help keep a new crown tight and secure. To create the crown, a mold is made. Sometimes a temporary crown is fitted until the permanent crown arrives.

At the end of the dental core procedure, the patient has a new tooth and an improved smile.

Get Treated Today

Your child’s dental health is important. Untreated cavities and damaged teeth can lead to painful decay. Get the help needed to make sure your child’s smile stays healthy and bright.

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