Where You Can Find Dentist Offices that Accept Medicaid

Kool Smiles, a nationwide network of dentists that focuses on children, accepts Medicaid at all 120 locations.

Our mission is to make sure all kids are able to get access to high-quality dental care. We make that care affordable by keeping prices low and accepting Medicaid, along with many other payment options.

Kool Smiles Cares for Kids on Medicaid

When the Affordable Care Act was put into law in 2010, one of its goals was to expand Medicaid coverage to millions of Americans. However, once it was left up to state governments to agree to expanding its coverage, 22 states did not expand Medicaid.

Kool Smiles accepts Medicaid at every one of our offices throughout the United States and never limits the number of Medicaid patients we see. We also accept TRICARE, State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP), and most insurance plans.

Even if you don’t have any insurance, Kool Smiles accepts many payment options, like cash, debit and credit cards, and CareCredit, to make high quality dental care a reality for all children.

Why Do Your Kids Need to See the Dentist?

Tooth decay is the most preventable disease among children. With proper dental care, children can grow healthy, strong teeth and have excellent dental health for a lifetime. Our dentists can help teach kids how to properly take care of their teeth.

Every child should see the dentist once every six months for routine cleanings to make sure there are no minor problems.

Kool Smiles general dentists are experienced in working with children, and are required to take continuing education classes to keep up with the latest dental care trends. With this knowledge, you can be confident you’re putting your kids in the right hands.

Call Kool Smiles Today

When you’re looking for local dentist offices that accept Medicaid, come to Kool Smiles. Find your local office, or give us a call to make an appointment for your child today.



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