How Does Your Dentist Rate?

Choosing a dentist, especially when you have kids, is an important health decision. It’s recommended that children visit the dentist around their first birthday. Parents need a dentist who is local, affordable, and accepting of new patients.

At Kool Smiles, we have some of the highest dentist ratings, according to our patients.

A Parent’s Checklist for Local Dentist Reviews

Here are some qualities shared by many of the top dentists for kids:

Licensed Professionals

The first thing you should look for in a dentist is if they’re appropriately licensed in your state. Find a dentist with a commitment to ongoing training and education.

New techniques and technologies become available all the time, and you’ll want a dentist who stays current on best practices.

Welcoming of Children

It’s not enough for a dentist to say they treat children. When you walk into the office, you should know they like children. Kool Smiles offices offer plenty of toys and games to keep them occupied. We even have playgrounds at some of our offices.

Seeing a dentist can be a scary experience for children, so a dentist that provides a kid-friendly atmosphere like Kool Smiles can go a long way.

The Right Values

Kool Smiles was founded in 2002 to help make quality dentistry available in all communities. Nearly one in four children under five in America have cavities and many working families can’t afford dental care for their kids. We accept Medicaid and TRICARE, as well as private insurance and a number of options for financing your child’s dental care.

Make an Appointment for Your Child at Kool Smiles

At Kool Smiles, our patients have given us a 97% satisfaction rating. To experience great dental services at an affordable prices, give us a call today or make your appointment online.