Your Child’s First Teeth Cleaning at the Dentist

Taking your children to the dentist for a teeth cleaning is an easy way to make their smiles look healthy and bright. Regular teeth cleanings are important for kids, who should go at least twice a year.

Cleaning procedures can also help the dentist find out if your son or daughter has been brushing and flossing at home.

What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning

Children should have their first visit to the dentist early in their childhood—by the time the child is one year old or has one tooth.

During a teeth cleaning, the dentist can check your child’s teeth for any problems as well as clean the child’s teeth. Most teeth cleanings usually include these steps:

  1. A dental professional will set your child up in the dental chair and look around the teeth to check for plaque and tartar buildup.
  2. After having a look at your child’s teeth, the dentist will clean and polish them. They will use a variety of tools including small mirrors, a mechanical toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. 
  3. Next, the dentist will give your child a fluoride treatment with their choice of tasty flavors to protect their teeth.
  4. Finally, the dentist may take X-ray images to make sure they didn’t miss any underlying issues. They will also take the time to explain any other treatments that might be necessary. 

It’s always good to tell your child why they need to go to the dentist. Getting regular teeth cleanings doesn’t just help prevent cavities and tooth loss—it can also help prevent bigger problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

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