Searching for Dentists Near Me

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy and clean is important for good hygiene, so it’s good to know which dentists near you can help out. Choose Kool Smiles to be your child’s dental office.

We have more than 120 convenient locations throughout the United States that can exceed your expectations and keep your child’s smile healthy.

The Importance of Dental Care

Teaching your child good oral hygiene habits early can promote a lifetime of healthy habits. With tooth decay being the most common chronic childhood illness in American children, it’s important to know how to prevent this.

Tooth decay is a disease that can enter the bloodstream and cause bacterial infections, leading to problems with eating, speaking, and even learning.

At Kool Smiles, we want to help prevent this widespread illness and encourage children and parents to keep up good oral hygiene by practicing good dental habits at home and by visiting your nearest Kool Smiles location on a regular basis.

Why Choose Kool Smiles?

There are many reasons why we think you’ll be satisfied when you visit Kool Smiles:

Kid-Friendly Environment

Each of our locations features a waiting area that is full of games and activities your child will love — and most locations include a large playground where young children can spend their time exploring.

We also have large viewing areas that make it easy for parents to observe a child’s dental cleanings. You can also go with your child into the treatment area.

General Dentists Work with Your Kids

Our general dentists have experience working with children of all ages. We use a “tell, show, do,” approach to communicate any procedure performed or any problems your child may be having with his or her teeth.

Our dentists are constantly learning new techniques and skills about dental hygiene that can improve your child’s oral health.

We Accept Many Forms of Payment

Just as our locations are convenient, so are our payment options. We accept most major types of insurance, in addition to Medicaid, state health insurance plans (SCHIP), and TRICARE

We also work with credit options, such as CareCredit, in addition to accepting cash and credit card payments.

Find a Kool Smiles Location Near You Today

To learn more about our practice, services, or to find a dentist near you, call us today or visit one of our convenient locations.