Digital Dental Radiography vs X-rays

Dental X-rays and imaging allow dentists to see beneath the surface of teeth and find cavities or other tooth problems before they become painful. Modern technology like digital dental radiography has many advantages over traditional X-rays and is safer for patients.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of digital dental radiography.

What Is Digital Dental Radiography?

Digital dental radiography provides dentists with digital photos of the teeth and mouth. Much like an X-ray, digital dental radiography allows dental hygienists and dentists to see cavities and decay below the gums and between teeth.

While X-rays are taken using film, digital dental radiography allows dentists to see images of patients’ teeth instantly on a computer.

Is Digital Radiography Better?

Though both X-rays and digital dental radiography take photos of teeth, there are some advantages to digital radiography. 

  • Instant images—Rather than waiting for film to develop, digital dental radiography allows dentists to view patients’ teeth with little or no waiting. Patients get a quick explanation and can see the images sooner.
  • Higher quality—Technology allows digital images to be enhanced, so the pictures appear clearer. Dentists are able to get a closer look at what is wrong with patients’ teeth.
  • Efficient data storage—Patients’ records are stored electronically, using no space in dentists’ offices and allowing for easy sharing with other dentists.
  • Less radiation—Though X-rays are safe for adults and children, digital dental radiography uses less radiation, providing peace of mind.

Why Children Need Dental Images

There is no certain age kids need their first dental X-rays or digital radiography, but catching cavities early is important. Tooth decay is the most common childhood medical problem.

Only dental radiography is able to see beneath the gums to see how teeth are developing and whether cavities are forming.

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