Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces for Kids?

Does dental insurance cover braces for kids? A few policies and providers may cover the cost of braces, but it depends on your insurance plan and the reason for the braces. 

When reviewing your dental insurance plan, or researching one to purchase, learn what orthodontic benefits you receive before getting braces.

Dental Insurance and Orthodontic Coverage

If your think your child needs braces, you should bring him or her to an orthodontist for a consultation.

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in straightening teeth that are crooked, crowded, or don’t align properly when the mouth is closed. They install braces and can determine if your child’s braces are medically necessary.

dental insurance may cover braces for kids

Here are a few things you should understand about dental insurance and braces:

  • Dental plans rarely cover “cosmetic” procedures, but if your child has a medical need for braces, they may provide coverage.
  • All dental plans have an annual limit (a cap) on how much they will pay for services over the course of a year. The cost of braces may wipe out any further benefits for the year.

With these things in mind, don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s dentist or your insurance provider to confirm what services are necessary, what is covered, and how to best treat your child.

Do Medicaid and TRICARE Cover Braces?

At Kool Smiles, we accept Medicaid and TRICARE at all our offices without limiting the amount of Medicaid patients we see.

However, because braces are considered a specialty service and Medicaid benefits vary from state to state, Medicaid may not cover braces in your state. Call your local dentist or Medicaid provider to figure out what dental services are covered.

TRICARE’s Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) is a voluntary plan that charges premiums and a fee for service. It will pay 50% of the cost of braces for kids under 23. Note that TRICARE is only available to military families, retirees, and reservists.

braces for teeth

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Even if you have full coverage dental insurance, you still might have to partially pay for braces. The average cost of braces will depend on the type of braces your child needs, how long they need them for, and other factors, such as the type of braces they get.

Read below and learn how Kool Smiles makes paying for braces more affordable than you may think.

Additional Payment Options at Kool Smiles

At Kool Smiles, our mission is to provide quality dental care at an affordable price. In addition to Medicaid and TRICARE, we also accept:

  • SCHIP and other state insurance plans
  • CareCredit
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cash

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While it can be tricky to figure out what services are covered by dental insurance, Kool Smiles can help answer any questions you might have regarding dental insurance and braces.

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