Find an Emergency Dentist or Oral Surgeon Near You

If your child has a true medical emergency, you should call 911 right away or take him or her to an emergency room immediately. If the emergency is non life threatening, you can call your local Kool Smiles.

One of our representatives can direct you to the nearest Kool Smiles location for an emergency dentist appointment.

Where Can I Find Emergency Dental Care?

For Kool Smiles’ current patients that experience an emergency after hours, you may call your local office to be put in touch with one of our on-call dentists or an emergency oral surgeon near you.

Whether it’s severe pain, a lost or damaged tooth, or anything else requiring immediate attention, we have dentists at over 120 locations ready to handle emergencies.

You can use our easy location finder to see if there’s a Kool Smiles dentist near you. Just give your local office a quick call before you leave so we can prepare our staff for your visit.

Emergency Room vs. Dental Office

Kool Smiles aims to make high quality dentistry available to all children. In a dental emergency, prompt and proper treatment is extremely important. 

The number of dental visits to hospital emergency rooms doubled from 1.1 million in 2000 to 2.1 million in 2010. Because most hospitals are unable to provide comprehensive care, they typically prescribe antibiotics or pain medication.

After factoring in the cost of your emergency room visit, it’s easy to see that the ER is not always the best solution for a dental emergency. What’s needed is a highly trained dentist.

Why Kool Smiles?

We recommend coming to Kool Smiles so your child can receive treatment from one of our qualified dentists. Keep in mind, at Kool Smiles, we:

  • Have built a network of dentists qualified for emergency cases
  • Have doctors on call during non-business hours to treat Kool Smiles patients
  • Accept Medicaid at every location, along with a number of additional insurance plans. We even accept patients with no insurance who may pay by cash or credit card.
  • Have over 120 locations across the United States

Our research shows that 97 percent of people who use Kool Smiles are likely to return to us when they need help and will refer Kool Smiles to others. So, why not use the Kool Smiles dentist near you for your child’s tooth emergency?

Schedule an Emergency Dental Appointment Today

If you think you have a true emergency, call 911 immediately. However, if your child does not require immediate dental care, contact Kool Smiles to find a location near you.



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