Overcoming Fear of Dentists

It’s pretty common for people, especially children, to feel a little anxious before a dentist appointment. However, some dentists make it their priority to ensure that all patients have a comfortable, enjoyable experience at the dentist.

Keep reading to learn how Kool Smiles reduces any dental fear you or your child may have.

Get a Positive Start to Dental Care

A child’s first dental visit will set the tone for their relationship with dentists. At Kool Smiles, we couldn’t agree more.

Preparing to Visit the Dentist

Before you bring your child to the dentist for the first time, try some of these ideas at home:

  • Read a book— gather information together about going to the dentist
  • Play dentist—lean back in a recliner and take turns being the doctor and the patient
  • Visit the dentist—Drop by the office before your appointment so it feels familiar to your child

When You Come to Kool Smiles 

When your kids come to Kool Smiles, they will get to play with games, books, toys, and videos to help them learn about keeping their smiles healthy. Some of our offices even have a playground for younger children to play on.

Additionally, our dentists help calm your child down by using a “tell, show, do” method—we sit down with you and your child and explain what’s going to happen before we do it.

Parents are welcome to come into the examination room with their kids during the appointment or, in some offices, they can watch from a separate viewing room. We’ll work with you to make sure you and your child are comfortable.

Tips for Relieving Your Child’s Fear of Dentists

It may surprise you to know that if you are afraid of the dentist, chances are good your kids will be too. Work on managing your own fear so the kids don’t pick up on it.

  • Don’t tell your children you’re afraid
  • Don’t let anyone tell them stories about bad experiences
  • No teasing about what might happen
  • Avoid words like pain, needle, or drill

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