Turn Your Kid’s Fear to Fun at the Dentist

Don’t let fear of the dentist keep your kids from getting the professional dental care they need and deserve. All Kool Smiles locations are designed with children in mind.

Our dentists have the experience and know-how to reduce children’s fears and make them as comfortable as possible. Visit Kool Smiles today for stress-free dental care.

Why Is It Important to Go to the Dentist?

If your kids fear the dentist, they are not alone. About 30-40 million people avoid seeing the dentist because of fear and anxiety. However, there are serious consequences to neglecting your kids’ dental health.

When children are young, tooth decay can make it difficult for your kids to speak, eat, and pay attention in school. Poor dental health can cause heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems later in life.  

The Kool Smiles Experience

At Kool Smiles, we make sure that our children have a fun, comfortable experience. One visit to a Kool smiles office, and you’ll feel the difference a kid-friendly approach can make. We offer:

  • Fun and brightly-colored play areas for your children to relax in when they arrive
  • Engaging and entertaining games and toys to keep kids busy until their appointment
  • A “tell, show, do” approach to keep children informed and comfortable during an exam
  • Viewing areas to allow you to watch your child’s exam

Affordable Payment Options at Kool Smiles

We accept most major insurance plans, Medicaid, TRICARE, and CareCredit. We also accept

  • Cash
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Other state insurance programs

Book an Appointment at Kool Smiles

With all that Kool Smiles has to offer, it’s no wonder 97% of our clients say they will return to Kool Smiles. Find a convenient Kool Smiles location or call us today to set up an appointment.

When you bring your child into one of our offices, there won’t be any reason for him or her to fear the dentist.



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