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Kool Smiles can answer any questions you may have about your child’s dental or orthodontic needs during a no-cost orthodontic consultation.

We have over 120 locations in 15 states and Washington D.C. All of our locations have in-house dentists, and many have in-house pediatric dentists and orthodontists. Give us a call today at 254-781-0553, and we’ll help you schedule a free dental consultation with one of our professionals.

Dental Services Offered at Kool Smiles

During your no-cost consultation at Kool Smiles, one of our dentists will carefully examine your child’s mouth and teeth. They’ll then make recommendations for any treatments, as well as provide tips on how to take care of your child’s teeth at home. Our team will schedule the needed treatments or procedures, which could include the following:

  • Cleanings—Teeth cleanings are an important and necessary part of good oral health. Dentists use special tools to remove hardened plaque, also called tartar, that builds up along the gumline and can lead to cavities and gum disease if not removed in time.
  • X-rays—These help dentists see what lies beneath the gumline, like the growth and development of adult teeth. X-rays are typically taken once a year, especially once permanent teeth start to come in because they can help spot decay in between teeth where dentists cannot see.
  • Dental exams—It’s a good idea to get checkups at least twice a year so your dental provider can look for any signs of disease, infection or tooth decay before they develop into more serious issues.
  • Fillings—If you have any cavities or deep-set decay inside of a tooth, a dentist can fill these to prevent the tooth decay from spreading. In most instances, you can decide what filling material is best for you, with options like silver, gold or composite resin.
  • Tooth removal—Whether your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble, or you need a stubborn baby tooth extracted, the dental professionals at Kool Smiles can make sure that you don’t feel a thing during the procedure.
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No-Cost Dental Consultation for Orthodontic Treatments

During your free consultation, your dentist or orthodontist may determine that your child would benefit from braces. At Kool Smiles, we can answer any questions that you and your child may have, so you can both understand how orthodontic treatments will work.

Our talented, in-house orthodontists are happy to walk you and your child through all the steps of orthodontic treatment and ease any fears your child may have about the procedure. Before you come in for a free dental consultation, we can get you started with answers to some common questions that other parents have asked:

Does my child need braces?

If your children need braces, they are not alone. Did you know that between 50%–70% of all American children will have braces by the time they are 18?

There are several different reasons why a child would need braces, such as:

  • Problems chewing, eating or biting
  • Difficulty speaking properly
  • Overlapping or crowded teeth
  • Crooked smile
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Baby teeth falling out too early or too late
  • Cheek biting
  • Gaps in between teeth
  • Painful jaw or tooth sensations
  • Disproportionate jaw and teeth alignment

While these conditions do create the need for braces for many patients, you’ll still need to come in for a dental consultation, so one of our licensed dentists can examine your child’s teeth. Everyone’s smile is different, and we can help you determine the best time for your kid to get orthodontic treatments depending on the current state of their tooth development.

At what age should children get braces?

Children typically receive some form of orthodontic consultation by the time they are seven. Dentists use X-rays to see how adult teeth are developing, and how they will align once they have made it through the gumline. The age at which patients actually get braces put on their teeth varies from person to person. However, kids between the ages of 9 and 14 are the most common orthodontic treatment patients. Children within this age bracket usually have all or some of their permanent teeth, but they can be repositioned more easily since they are still growing.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of traditional braces generally falls within the range of $3,000 to $7,000, but this can vary greatly for many reasons.

The overall price of orthodontic treatment can fluctuate depending on factors that include:

  • The type of braces your child gets
  • Which orthodontist you go to
  • Whether or not your insurance covers this type of treatment
  • How long your child will need braces
  • Dental treatments that must occur prior to braces treatment

The helpful dental staff at Kool Smiles recognizes that braces can be expensive, which is why we are happy to offer no-cost braces consultations. We can help you find out exactly what orthodontic treatment will cost for your child’s specific needs, and answer any other questions you have about pricing.

How long does a child need to have braces?

The length of time that a patient will need to have braces will rely on the condition of the teeth and their alignment issues. Typically, children have braces for one to three years, and the longer you have braces, the more costly they will be.

Is there anything a child should avoid while wearing braces?

Sticky, chewy or hard foods are not recommended for patients with braces. Something that is too hard, like a popcorn kernel, could break a bracket, and anything too sticky will be difficult to clean off. We also suggest a moderate intake of sugary and acidic foods, since these can stain braces and teeth.

Are braces a medical or cosmetic procedure?

Very few braces treatments are deemed to be medically necessary, with only 5%–15% of orthodontic cases falling into this category. This means that the majority of braces are considered to be cosmetic dentistry, which can sometimes affect the amount of coverage that your insurance provider will allow for the procedure.

If you have Medicaid, braces treatment is only covered if it is a medical necessity for the patient. However, you’ll need a qualified dentist to determine whether or not braces are medically required for your child. When you come in for a free consultation, the professionals at Kool Smiles can decide if orthodontic treatment is needed for your child to live a better life. A patient can qualify for medically necessary braces if they have:

  • Cleft palate
  • Severe overbites, crossbites or underbites
  • Teeth that are positioned horizontally instead of vertically (also known as overjet)
  • Injury or trauma that resulted in tooth damage or loss
  • Missing teeth due to a congenital condition

Regardless of whether your braces are a medical or cosmetic dental procedure, Kool Smiles can help you find out what exactly is covered by your insurance, and how this will affect the cost of orthodontic treatment.

Which type of braces are recommended for your child?

Once you and your dentist decide that your child is ready for orthodontic treatment, it’s important to understand the several different braces options that are available. Here is a list of available braces materials and their average prices:

  • Metal braces (traditional)—These are typically the least expensive braces, however they are also the most noticeable. You can expect to pay an average cost of $5,000.
  • Clear braces—Constructed of ceramic, this material is harder to see when compared to metal braces, but they function in the same way. This type of material is slightly more expensive, and they can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000.
  • Lingual braces—This type of orthodontic treatment is perhaps the most expensive, as prices can range between $8,000 and $10,000. However, these braces are the least visible because they are attached on the backside of teeth instead of the front like other options.
  • Damon braces—While these braces don’t require as many visits to the orthodontist because they have no steel ties, they do vary greatly in price. You could be paying $3,800 or $8,000 depending on what treatment is necessary.
  • Invisible aligners—Although these aren’t technically braces, we felt it was important to include them into your list of available options for straighter teeth. They generally have the same price range as traditional braces, and offer a great benefit since they can be taken out and put back in at any point.

In order to help you decide what type of braces are right for your child and your budget, you can call us at 254-781-0553 to schedule your free dental consultation today.

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We Are Dedicated to Your Child’s Dental Care

At Kool Smiles, we are happy to help your child have a healthy, happy and confident smile with our quality dental and orthodontic treatments—all at a price you can afford. We also accept Medicaid, TRICARE and SCHIP so that all kids have access to dental care.

Schedule a Free Dental Consultation at Kool Smiles

Whether you’re looking for affordable braces for your child or simply want to schedule a routine checkup, Kool Smiles can help parents with all of their dental health questions and concerns.

For more information about our no-cost consultations, give us a call today at 254-781-0553. We’re always accepting new patients, and we look forward to assisting you!



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