Fun Dental Health Sheets for Kids

Do your kids love to color? Do they like drawing pictures, writing letters, and learning new things? Kool Smiles has just the place for these curious and creative kids.

Our collection of fun activity sheets will keep your kids busy and learning about dental health, all while having a good time.

Why Learning Through Play Is Important

Some children love to color pictures, solve word searches, and complete fill-in-the-blank stories. Kool Smiles knows that when kids are busy working on activity sheets, they are developing their concentration, hand-eye coordination, and vocabulary skills.

That’s why we have created an entire collection of fun activity sheets for kids that help teach about dental care. Each activity sheet teaches kids something about their teeth and the proper ways to care for them.

What Can My Child Learn From Activity Sheets?

With Kool Smiles fun activity sheets, kids can learn:

  • How to make water more colorful and tasty
  • How to prepare a delicious and healthy lunch
  • How to draw a dentist’s chair
  • Dental hygiene vocabulary

There are many more things your kids can learn while coloring, drawing, and playing games. With over 70 free and downloadable activities to choose from, you’ll never run out of ways to remind your kids about dental health.

What Is the Kool Experience?

Kool Smiles’ fun activity sheets are all part of the Kool Experience. We believe that good dental health starts at an early age, so we are committed to making dental exams a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you and your kids.

When you arrive at Kool Smiles, you’ll enter a waiting room filled with toys, games, and activities for your kids. Many locations have play equipment to climb on and slide down.

Once the exam begins, you can go with your children into the treatment area or watch from viewing windows. Our kid-friendly dentists will explain every step of the exam to your kids so they know what to expect.

Schedule an Appointment at Kool Smiles Today

Your kids will leave with bright, shiny smiles and memories of a happy experience, and that’s because Kool Smiles makes the actual dentist appointment fun!

Find your local Kool Smiles office, or give us a call to make an appointment for your kid today.