How Do Dentists Fix Cavities on Front Teeth

Front teeth are the most visible part of a smile. Repair work done to this area is especially important. You want your child’s smile to be beautiful and bright.

Keep reading to learn how dentists fix cavities when they are on a child’s front teeth.

How Do Dentists Fix Cavities On Front Teeth?

Not only can cavities on front teeth be painful, but they also are visible and damage smiles. Fortunately, dentists fix cavities on front teeth quite easily. Here’s how they do it:


This is the most common way dentists fix cavities, even on front teeth. When many people think of fillings, they think of the silver fillings that are easily seen. However, dentists usually use fillings that are the same color as the tooth.

These fillings allow your child to have a beautiful smile, even after a cavity.


Of course, it is better to prevent cavities in the first place. Regular trips to a dentist, like Kool Smiles, will give your child healthy teeth for years to come.

Prevention starts at home. Begin brushing your child’s teeth with a tooth brush and pea-sized drop of tooth paste as soon as the first tooth appears. Once your children are old enough, help them brush and teach them to do it twice a day.

It is also a good idea to limit sweets and sugary drinks. These can cause tooth decay, which is the first step to a cavity.

Every child should visit the dentist, even children as young as one-year-old.

The Kool Experience

Kool Smiles is a dental practice designed with kids in mind. We offer cleanings that prevent cavities as well as other preventative treatments like fluoride and sealants. Our dental practitioners also know how to fix cavities on front teeth, if they do occur.

The staff members at Kool Smiles know how to make children feel comfortable at the dentist. Our offices are brightly-colored, have spacious waiting rooms and play areas. The exam rooms are semi-private, meaning parents can be there to offer comfort to their child.

Kool Smiles also provides affordable care. We accept almost every form of dental insurance, including Medicaid, SCHIP, and TRICARE. 

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