How Many Baby Teeth Do Kids Have?

When your baby’s teeth start coming in, it’s a good time to start learning everything about your child’s dental care, from how many milk teeth (baby teeth) a child has to why baby teeth are important, and what to do when baby teeth fall out.

Keep reading to learn more about your child’s baby teeth.

How Many Teeth Does a Baby Have? | Baby Teeth FAQ

A child has 20 baby teeth. However, they come in at different times.

The first baby teeth start breaking through the gums around six months of age. The bottom two front teeth usually appear first, then the top four front teeth.

The rest of the primary teeth slowly fill in over time until all 20 teeth (10 in the upper jaw and 10 in the lower jaw) fully emerge around two-and-a-half to three years old. This set of teeth is smaller and whiter than permanent teeth.

Baby Teeth: How Many Teeth Do We Have As Children?

Just as with permanent teeth, baby teeth play an extremely important role in a child’s development. Baby teeth:

  • Save space for the permanent teeth that come in later
  • Give babies’ faces a normal appearance
  • Help kids learn to speak clearly
  • Help provide permanent teeth with a “healthy start” since damage to baby teeth can have bad effects on permanent ones

Five Tips for When Your Child Loses Baby Teeth

Primary teeth usually stay in children’s mouths until age six. After that, they begin to fall out until each primary tooth has been replaced by a permanent tooth.

Here are five tips for making sure your child has proper dental care when he or she starts to lose baby teeth:

  • Make sure your child brushes his or her teeth at least twice a day, providing help as needed
  • Help your child floss his or her teeth daily
  • Provide a healthy diet and limit snacks between meals
  • Don’t forget to schedule regular dentist visits
  • Ask your child’s dentist about preventing tooth decay with fluoride treatments and dental sealants

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