How Many Teeth Do Toddlers Have?

As a parent, you may be wondering how many teeth toddlers have and how to care for them. Most children begin developing teeth at six months of age and develop a total of 20 teeth by age three. By age six, a child’s primary teeth begin to fall out to make room for adult teeth.

No matter the age of your child, it is important to help them develop healthy eating and dental care habits.

Timeline of Your Toddler’s Teeth Development

Don’t fret if your 10-month-old only has a handful of teeth. Here is a timeline of what to expect with your toddler’s teeth and gums.

Six to 15 months: Your child’s first teeth will appear, usually the molars

15 to 18 months: Your toddler will grow their sharp, pointed canines on the top and bottom

18 to 24 months: More molars will appear in the bottom of their gums

25 to 33 months: Second molars will grow from the top of their gums

36 months: Your child will have all of their 20 baby teeth

Signs Your Child Is Teething

Teething occurs around six months of age, when your child’s first tooth erupts. Some babies are fussier than usual when they are teething. This may be because of soreness and swelling in the gums before a tooth comes through.

These symptoms usually begin about three to five days before the tooth shows, and they disappear as soon as the tooth breaks the skin.

These are the signs to look for in a teething child:

  • Biting
  • Drooling
  • Rubbing gums
  • Sucking
  • Irritability
  • Wakefulness
  • Rubbing ears
  • Rashes on the face
  • Decreased appetite
  • Mild temperature

If you feel your child is showing severe symptoms of teething, please consult your family doctor or contact an emergency care physician immediately.

Preventive Care for Your Toddler’s Teeth

Starting oral health care early helps prevent cavities, fight tooth decay, and form healthy life-long habits to protect your toddler’s teeth and gums. It is recommended that parents begin brushing their baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth emerges.

Other important care tips include:

  • Using a clean finger or a damp cloth to wipe your toddler’s gums before his or her teeth come through
  • Using a baby’s soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste (a pea-sized dab will do)
  • Begin flossing when the second tooth develops
  • Taking your baby to his or her first dental exam starting at age one
  • Not letting your child fall asleep with bottles or sippy cups in his or her mouth

Find the Dental Care Your Toddler Needs

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