How Much Do Braces Cost?

If you’re wondering how much braces cost, the answer can be different for every person. The average cost of braces is typically between $3,400 and $5,000, but there are plenty of factors that can make this number increase or decrease.

No matter how much orthodontic treatment may cost, Kool Smiles can make braces more affordable than you may think. Call us today at 254-781-0553 to schedule a no-cost consultation to find out how much you will pay for your child’s braces.

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Braces May Cost Less at Kool Smiles

The average price for a typical 18-month braces treatment for your child is around $3,400 when you visit one of our skilled orthodontists. While this number is at the low end of the average cost for braces, the price can vary based on your child’s unique situation. Kool Smiles can work with you to provide braces at an affordable price, regardless of your income or insurance. We accept a wide variety of payment options to ease any financial stress, so you and your child can both leave our dental office with brighter smiles.

What Affects the Price of Braces?

There are several factors that can affect how much you will end up paying for your child’s braces, including:

1. The Type of Braces

There are different types of braces your child’s orthodontist will recommend. Typically, the traditional metal braces are more affordable than ceramic or self-ligating ones. However, you should weigh the pros and cons of each braces type before deciding on a treatment plan for your child.

2. Your Child’s Current Dental Situation

The way your child’s adult teeth grow in can affect the cost of the overall treatment. The cost of braces can increase the longer your child spends wearing them, which usually depends on how crooked the teeth are. Additionally, any necessary oral surgeries or tooth extractions prior to orthodontic treatment will drive up the overall cost of this treatment as well.

3. Dental Insurance Coverage

The cost of your child’s braces also depends on whether or not you have a dental insurance plan. Even families with dental insurance may not have coverage for more than basic dental care. At Kool Smiles, we can help you determine what your insurance covers and how much you’ll be spending on braces with or without dental coverage.

4. Whether the Braces Are for Cosmetic or Medical Reasons

Braces that are deemed to be medically necessary are more likely to be covered by a dental insurance provider. However, 85% of orthodontic treatments are seen as a form of cosmetic dentistry, which may affect how much of the procedure will be paid for by your insurance. If you have Medicaid, the cost of braces will not be covered unless they are determined medically necessary by a licensed dentist or orthodontist.

The friendly dental staff at Kool Smiles can give you price estimates for braces treatment and other helpful information, including:

  • Insurance details about what is covered and what isn’t for orthodontic services
  • Free braces consultations, which will help determine treatment cost
  • Referral to trusted and skilled orthodontists if your local Kool Smiles does not have one on staff
  • Identifying braces as medically necessary or a cosmetic procedure

What Are the Different Types of Braces?

There are a few different types of braces to choose from when you have decided that orthodontic treatment is right for your child. This list describes available braces options and the average cost of each one:

  • Metal braces are the most traditional form of orthodontic treatment. Metal brackets are cemented to each tooth, and then a wire links all of the brackets together. These are the most affordable form of braces, although they are also the most visible.
  • Lingual braces are constructed of the same material as traditional braces, and they generally function in the same way. However, the brackets are attached on the backside of teeth, making these braces relatively invisible to others. While this may seem like a great idea, it does make it harder for kids to clean in between the wires and brackets, and you’ll need to go to the orthodontist for more visits and adjustments.
    • Typical price range: $8,000–$10,000
  • Ceramic braces offer a level of visibility in between metal and lingual braces. These are designed the same way as traditional braces, but the brackets are made of ceramic, so they appear to be clear or tooth-colored. This makes the braces themselves less obvious, but it is easier to break or stain the brackets than with other orthodontic treatment options.
    • Typical price range: $4,000–$8,000
  • Invisible aligners use a different method to straighten teeth, but they have been proven to align teeth for patients with mildly crooked or crowded smiles. There don’t include metal brackets or wires, and these custom-made aligners make eating and teeth cleaning easier than traditional braces options. However, you’ll probably need a new set of aligners every one to two weeks as your teeth move.
    • Typical price range: $4,000–$7,400

Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

How long does braces treatment typically last?

The amount of time that a patient needs to wear their braces will depend on the severity of tooth crowding, jaw alignment and other oral conditions. However, you can expect that your child will have braces anywhere from one to three years.

Are there certain foods my child should not eat while wearing braces?

While most foods and beverages are OK to consume, we do recommend avoiding excessively sugary drinks and snacks. The occasional soda is acceptable, but make sure that your child is taking good care of their smile by brushing and flossing regularly. It’s also a good idea to stay away from hard or chewy foods, including:

  • Gum that is not sugar free
  • Nuts
  • Tough bagels or pizza crusts
  • Pretzels
  • Sticky candy, like taffy
  • Popcorn
  • Hard candy, like lollipops
  • Ice
  • Corn on the cob
  • Hard raw vegetables, like carrots

How frequently will I have to take my child to orthodontist appointments?

You can expect to visit the orthodontist every four to eight weeks for necessary adjustments and checkups. During this time, your child’s braces will be tightened and the bands around the brackets will be changed. The appointment should only take about 20 minutes in total, so you can still have plenty of time for other activities and commitments, without worrying about orthodontist visits disrupting your routine.

What is the best age for my child to get braces?

Everyone is different when it comes to oral care, but you should expect to have a braces consultation by the time your child is seven years old. Although kids are often pre-screened for orthodontic treatments at a young age, most patients don’t actually get braces until they are between nine and 14 years old. During this time, braces are the most effective because children’s bones are still growing, which means that their permanent teeth can be aligned with less resistance than in adults.

Are regularly scheduled dental visits still necessary if my child also sees the orthodontist for frequent appointments?

Yes! The orthodontist is only there to adjust your child’s braces and monitor the development of their straightened smile, but they do not perform any cleanings or oral health exams. Your child will still need to visit the dentist every six months to remove built-up plaque that can cause tooth decay and cavities.

Can children get braces if they still have baby teeth?

Some orthodontists prefer that patients have a full set of adult teeth before getting braces, but it is certainly possible for your child to get treatment while still having a few baby teeth. As long as these teeth eventually fall out and make way for the permanent teeth to come through the gumline, having some baby teeth most likely won’t affect your child’s ability to get braces.

Affordable Braces Payment Options at Kool Smiles

At Kool Smiles, we help you consider all types of payment options for orthodontic care. From cash and credit to other forms of state insurance, take a look at our affordable payment options below:

  • Medicaid, without any limits on the number of Medicaid patients we see in a day
  • SCHIP and other state insurance programs
  • CareCredit
  • Debit or credit cards
  • Cash

Several of our locations have in-house orthodontists to help find you affordable options in braces.

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If you’re still asking yourself, “How much do braces cost?” come see what types of affordable, high-quality options are available for your child at any convenient Kool Smiles location.

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