How Much Does It Cost To Pull A Wisdom Tooth?

How much does it cost to pull a wisdom tooth? While costs vary depending on how your tooth has grown, signs of infection, insurance plans, and your state guidelines, a typical extraction costs between $75 and $600.

Keep reading to learn about the cost of pulling a tooth and the steps involved in restoring your smile.

Cost of Pulling a Wisdom Tooth

Problems associated with wisdom teeth include impacted teeth (where your wisdom teeth grow into your molars and misalign your teeth) and cavities (which are easier to form due to their hard-to-reach position).

If left untreated, an impacted wisdom tooth may lead to infections, cavities, or gum disease.

When your dentist clears you for a wisdom tooth pulling, these guidelines will help you determine the cost of care and treatment:

  • A non-surgical, non-impacted tooth extraction using a local anesthetic can cost between $75–$200 per tooth, or $300–$800 for all four.
  • Impacted tooth extractions can cost $225–$600 per tooth.
  • Other costs may include exam fees, x-rays, anesthetics, or other services.
  • Usually, your dentist will recommend extracting a set or all four of your wisdom teeth at once to save money and time.

At Kool Smiles, we make it more affordable than you may think to pull a wisdom tooth.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

After having a wisdom tooth pulled, it typically takes about four to seven days to heal. Follow your dentist’s after-care guidelines to avoid infection.

Consult your dentist at the first signs of discomfort to schedule x-rays, perform a cleaning, and determine whether or not your or your child’s wisdom tooth needs to be removed.

Cut the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal at Kool Smiles

When you or your child feels discomfort from an erupting wisdom tooth, look to Kool Smiles to provide quality and affordable care. Whether you have insurance or not, the Kool Smiles network of general and pediatric dentists, orthodontists and dental care professionals can help you have a healthy smile.

Kool Smiles helps families pay for a wisdom tooth extraction by accepting almost any type of insurance. Medicaid is accepted at every Kool Smiles location as is TRICARE, SCHIP, CareCredit, and other options.

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