How To Loosen A Baby Tooth

Sometimes kids need help loosening a baby tooth — but you want to be sure to get it out safely. Should you pull a loose tooth? Will it be painful for your child? Let Kool Smiles show you how to loosen a baby tooth without causing a fuss. 

If you’re concerned with your child’s baby teeth or they are experiencing pain or discomfort, call us today. Our dentists are experienced in helping kids receive the dental care they need to grow healthy smiles.

Keep reading to learn more about baby teeth, and you can also check out our blog to learn even more about loose baby teeth.


How to Help Loosen Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Before you begin, make sure you and your child wash your hands with soap and water. Then, inspect the loose tooth to determine whether the tooth is actually loose.

If you feel that it is loose enough, here’s what you can have your child do to help remove the baby tooth:

  1. Have your child wiggle the tooth to make it looser. Do not pull or twist, simply move the tooth back and forth.
  2. Ask your child to move the tooth around to see if there is any pain when it’s moved. If there is pain, the tooth is not ready to be removed.
  3. Have you child brush their teeth several times a day to help loosen the tooth.
  4. Give your child a crunchy apple to help loosen or remove the tooth.


It is strongly suggested that your children should pull out their own tooth, as they can best tell if the tooth is ready to come out. This can help reduce the amount of pain or blood that may result from having a tooth come out prematurely.

Take Care of Your Teeth at Kool Smiles

To make sure your child has a healthy mouth, it’s important to help your children create good habits early in life and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good dental health. Not only should your child brush and floss, your child should also see a dentist regularly. Kool Smiles provides children with dental care at over 120 locations nationwide.

We can help you learn ways to protect and care for your child’s teeth as they grow up. This is an exciting time for your young one, and we want to help make sure their teeth come in healthy and strong.

If you have any questions about your children’s teeth, call Kool Smiles today!


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