Kids Dentist Near Me

At Kool Smiles, we know how important your child’s dental health is, and our kid-friendly dentists understand that you need a reliable dentist near you. Kool Smiles has over 120 locations nationwide.

Read on to learn why Kool Smiles in the right choice for your child.

Why It’s Important to Find a Good Dentist Near You

Cavities are one of the most common chronic oral conditions among kids in the United States. That’s why it’s important to find a dentist near you that you can trust. Finding a good kids dentist doesn’t have to be hard—whether your child just needs a routine dental checkup or root canal, Kool Smiles is  here for you.

With more than 120 locations in the United States, you can trust your child is receiving quality, affordable care at Kool Smiles

Our Kid-Friendly Services

Many of our offices around the country offer the following services:

  • General dentistry and preventative care tips
  • Specialty services such as oral surgery, endodontics, and dental anesthesiology
  • Orthodontics for people with crooked teeth or whose teeth don’t fit correctly when they close their mouths
  • Multilingual services at many of our dental offices—we have professionals who are multilingual, and offer translation services at no cost to you

Affordable Dental Care for Your Child

Kool Smiles was created with the intention of bringing affordable dental care to all children in the United States. That’s why we accept most forms of insurance, as well as Medicaid, TRICARE, and other state insurance plans.

In addition, we also accept patients without insurance. We accept cash and credit or debit cards as payment forms. Plus, if you would like to make payments on your child’s dental treatment, we can help you open a CareCredit account when you visit our office.

Contact Kool Smiles Today

At Kool Smiles, we always accept new patients. Our friendly staff has plenty of experience working with children, so your child will be in good hands. Find a kids dentist near you and schedule an appointment by calling us today.