In Search of a Kid’s Dentist that Accepts Medicaid

Are you having trouble finding an affordable dentist for your children? You may feel like your options are limited when searching for a kids dentist that accepts Medicaid. Luckily, there are more than 120 convenient Kool Smiles locations across the United States to provide affordable, quality dental care to all children regardless of income level.

Kool Smiles Has No Limit on Medicaid Patients

Even if a family qualifies for Medicaid coverage, that doesn’t always mean they will be able to find the health and dental care they need for their children. Many physician and dental offices put a limit on the number of Medicaid patients they see.

Because of these limitations, two-thirds of American children on Medicaid do not receive dental care.

At Kool Smiles, we know that by accepting Medicaid without limiting the number of patients we see, we’re making a positive effort to provide quality dental care to kids from families of all income levels.

Affordable Payment Options at Kool Smiles

We know that by accepting Medicaid, we’re allowing millions of kids to get the proper dental cleaning and preventive services they need to have beautiful, healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Our payment options don’t just stop at Medicaid. We also accept major insurance providers, TRICARE, CareCredit, and cash and credit card payments.

The Kool Smiles Experience

Our Medicaid dentists are experienced in working with kids and we use behavioral guidance techniques to effectively talk through any concerns children may have with their teeth. Kids also love coming to our clinic for the Kool Smiles Experience.

Each location has a waiting room filled with bright colors, games, and activities. Most of our waiting rooms even have a full playground set that younger kids will enjoy playing on.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child Today

If you’re in need of a kids dentist that accepts Medicaid, come see what Kool Smiles has to offer. Visit one of our convenient locations , or give us a call today.



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