Find a Kids’ Dentist That You Can Count On

Kids deserve their own dentist—one that understands their unique needs and is able to provide friendly dental care in a relaxing environment.

Every dental professional at Kool Smiles has experience working with children and our offices are colorful and fun, featuring play areas in the waiting room for kids to enjoy.

Top Three Reasons to Choose Kool Smiles as Your Kid’s Dentist 

When it comes to your kids, you always want what is best for them. But when it comes to dental care, it can be difficult to find an office that provides the great care that you expect and accepts your insurance.

For individuals without insurance or who receive Medicaid, this challenge is even tougher, as not all dentists have flexible payment options and most do not accept Medicaid. At Kool Smiles, we’re different.

Below are the top three reasons to choose Kool Smiles as your kid’s dentist:

1. We accept most major insurance plans and Medicaid. Unlike the majority of dentists who do not accept Medicaid or who limit the number of Medicaid patients they will see, Kool Smiles accepts Medicaid at every location—without limiting the amount of Medicaid patients we see. If you have insurance through a private insurance provider or state plan, refer to this document to see which insurance plans we accept. 

2. We have flexible payment options. For patients who are paying out-of-pocket, we have several payment options, including cash, credit, and CareCredit.

3. We care about your child’s dental health. 42% of children ages 2 to 11 have had cavities in baby teeth and 21% of those aged 6 to 11 have had cavities in permanent teeth. This means that many kids are not receiving enough dental care, likely because of limited access to affordable care.

Kool Smiles was built on the belief that quality dental care is a right that all children should have. We have made it our mission to provide affordable dental care to families in our communities.

Make an Appointment for Your Child Today

If your child needs to see the dentist, don’t wait any longer. It is recommended that children begin seeing the dentist twice a year once they turn one. Call us today or find a Kool Smiles near you to make an appointment for your child.



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