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Kool Smiles is a kid-friendly dentist, and with over 120 locations throughout the U.S., there may be a dentist near you. Use our location finder to search for your local Kool Smiles office and see how we can serve your child’s dental needs today.

Once you find a convenient location, making an appointment is easy. Just give us a call at 855-854-3621 or fill out our online form and let us call you. You can even download your necessary patient forms from our website to get you in and out of your appointment with ease.

Kool Smiles: The Kid-Friendly Dentist Near You

Kool Smiles provides kids as young as one year old with both preventative and restorative care and select locations even offer advanced services such as orthodontics and general anesthesia. But that’s not the only way we serve kids. Our commitment to a fun and friendly atmosphere takes away any fear of going to the dentist.

  • At Kool Smiles, your kids will have fun while waiting for their appointment. Our brightly colored, oversize waiting rooms are equipped with games and play areas and offices even include full playground sets!
  • Every Kool Smiles location happily accepts Medicaid to ensure quality dental care for children under 21.
  • We’ll teach your children the proper ways to brush and floss so they can take care of their teeth all year long.
  • Our dentists are continuously studying the latest dental care techniques for kids to great care for your children.
  • We use special tools to fit comfortably in the mouths of children.
  • You may accompany your kids into the dentist’s room or can choose to watch the appointment from a viewing area.
  • If needed, you can opt for the use of laughing gas or anesthesia for your children to prevent them from experiencing any pain.
  • If additional dental work is needed beyond the regular cleaning, we will do our best to have it performed the same day to prevent your child from having to make a return trip.

We are so dedicated to providing a safe, fun and comfortable environment for children of all ages. A study reported by Advanced Dental Care showed that at least 40 percent of children have some degree of dental phobia and that fear may even be hereditary.  

Take your kids to a Kool Smiles dentist near you, or give us a call at (855) 854-3621, and change the way they feel about the dentist forever!



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