5 Things to Consider When Looking For a Dentist

If you are looking for a dentist for your child, Kool Smiles is a great choice. At Kool Smiles, we understand that what children need from a dentist is different than what adults need, and our offices are designed with that in mind.

When you walk into any Kool Smiles office, you and your child will be greeted by cheerful decor, a friendly staff, and a waiting area that doubles as a play room. 

5 Things to Look For in a Dentist Office

Below are some common factors to consider when looking for a dentist: 

1. Payment options. Taking your child to a dentist that is out of your network or does not accept your insurance can cost you a lot of money out-of-pocket. Kool Smiles accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicaid, TRICARE, SCHIP, state-specific providers, and other forms of payment

2. Hours. You may not always be available to take your child to the dentist during normal business hours, and toothaches can happen at anytime. To help your child get the dental care they need, when they need it, almost all of our locations are open throughout the week and on Saturdays. 

3. Location. With over 120 locations nationwide, finding a Kool Smiles in your neighborhood is simple. If you ever move, we make the process of changing your primary Kool Smiles office easy. Simply call your new Kool Smiles location (preferably a week in advance) and tell them that you are a current Kool Smiles patient who has recently moved to a new location.

4. Comfort. For young children, the dentist can be a scary place. At Kool Smiles, we want to make your children as comfortable as possible. We have playgrounds and toys in our waiting rooms, and we allow parents in the treatment room to keep their kids comfortable during an appointment.

5. Patient Satisfaction. In a recent survey, 97% of Kool Smiles patients said they would refer us to friends and family and that they would return to us for dental treatment.

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